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Our Post Production / Distribution


Since FIF Production, the distribution of movies has been the company's core competence. It has successfully distributed over 100's of Hindi, Marathi, and Bhojpuri movies across India in a span of 7 years. It offers end-to-end solutions like Theatrical distribution, Home-Video distribution (DVD, Blu-Ray, Video on demand, TV, etc), and Digital distribution. Furthermore, FIF Production organizes and handles Movie premier/preview, Movie rights, Movie buying and selling, Print distribution, and collection.


After its resounding success as a distributor, FIF Production ventured out as an Exhibitor and built a chain of single-screen theaters and is also associated with more than 3000 Theatres and Multiplexes all over India. The company's objective is to continually grow its network of movie theaters and facilitate a larger scope for cinema viewing.


FIF Production provides a superbly innovative platform for film promotion and advertising by designing and implementing effective and cohesive advertising campaigns across different media and non-media platforms including theatrical movie trailers, newspapers, magazines, television, cable TV, radio, Internet, OOH media, and billboards.


FIF Production meets most of the needs for Pre-production, Production, and Post-production of movies, Audio/visual content, TV, Radio, and events.FIF understands the need to connect and engage the audience with meaningful and interactive entertainment we not only design and develop advertisements but also involve them in their products and support the actively growing trends of unconventional advertising. Now currently FIF is in the process of production of Hindi movies and a couple of web series. As FIF worked with most of the known talents in Production, FIF has the expertise to create good content at a competitive cost.

Branding, Marketing & Designing

FIF Production also offers a comprehensive and wide range of branding ideas and in-film advertisements for increasing film and product visibility amongst all sections of viewers. Other non-media platforms like market research and creative services like designing of posters, newspaper and magazine ads, TV commercials, trailers, and a myriad of other types of ads also form an integral part of FIF Production.


Events are an inherent part of entertainment and true to its name, FIF comes with an experience of organizing corporate, institutional, individual, and family functions besides conferences, dealer meets, presentations, product launches, road shows, inaugurations, annual meets, fashion shows, and sports tournaments. It conceives, creates, and designs the event by successful execution based on client specifications and requirements.

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