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FIF is the leading post-production house in Andheri West Mumbai, excelled by a team of highly experienced creative, technical, and quality control professionals. Providing Video production services for Corporates, Brands, and agencies. FIF Production has the best talent pool in the industry, wherein the VFX team comprises over 100 proficient artists. We have been delivering awesome inspiring creative experiences to a wide section of clients from around the world.  We are the fastest growing #post #production  offering a wide range of sophisticated digital services like:


  • Digital Colour Grading (DI)

  • VFX, Digital Set Extension

  • Digital Matte Painting

  • High-end Animation

  • Clean-up (Paint)

  • Motion Tracking

  • Final Compositing and Digital Cinema Mastering (DCP).


We are powered with the latest software applications, supported by advanced hardware systems. The studio is equipped to store enormous digital data, alongside having an exclusive high-speed FTP for data transfer. With the implementation of the latest technology and evolving industry practices, the #FIF Production digital post facility is recognized as one of the most advanced studios. We have a proficient Technology Engineering Division monitoring and implementing the latest industry trends. Data Management & Security is given high priority. The studio is equipped with CCTV surveillance on all floors and in vulnerable areas. 


  • Compositing

  • Set Extensions

  • Dynamics/FX Simulation

  • Camera/Object Tracking

  • Rig Removal

  • Digital Makeup

  • Finishing and Beauty

  • Optical


  • Scanning into digital file

  • Conform

  • Grading

  • Calibration & Correction 

  • Special effects

  • Etc.



  • 360 concept pitches and creative direction

  • VR direction and on-set consultation

  • Motion tracking and stabilisation

  • Camera rig removal

  • 360 capture and live stitching

  • 2D and 3D fine stitching

  • 3D conversion

  • 2D and 3D pre-rendered CG content

  • Editorial conform and color grading

  • Trans-coding for all devices

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