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Refund/ Cancellation Policy

NO REFUND : No Refund for all Online services, Certifications, Memberships, Opinions, Forensic Reports, Fingerprinting, Online Exam Fees and Consultancy, Delayed Refund Requests etc. 


DEDUCTION APPLY : Taxes, Service Fee, Payment Gateway Charges, Bank Charges, Convenience Fees etc.

The course fee paid for the course is non refundable. We can only refund the application fee when a course applied for has been cancelled by FIF Production or Only in case he/she does not get a seat, also, the fee payment cannot be transferred to another course. Fee once paid is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances in future. Don’t pay any extra amount apart from the requisite fee. Admission once cancelled will not be re-considered and fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. All payment are final so No charge backs or No refunds.

Refund will be done by the same method we received the payment in 15 days to 20 days. In exceptions, we may ask you for the account details. Replacement / Exchange is available for all items. Refund is available for all physical products & not available for online products (e.g. eBooks) / online services and freebies for obvious reasons. Regarding complete online products and services, Refunds can be initiated for the following reasons: double and/or accidental deposits; a course applied for has been cancelled by FIF or Only in case he/she does not get a seat, unauthorised payments.


FIF Production reserves the right to refuse the refund that does not meet criteria.


Shipping, payment gateway charges, PG taxes and insurance charges etc are non-refundable. In case of cheque return, bounce or dishonour you will also have to bear return charges and handling charges of Rs. 250 to 500 rupees.

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