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Member of Parliament, Leader, Bjp

Shree.Vijay Goal

Setting up and running a large scale business and producing high quality output and a well controlled project is an achievement very few persons (despite the experience they claim) seem to be able to make. You deserve all appreciation for being able to achieve so much at such an early stage.

Film Dir. Prod. Srinagar

Mohd Shafiq Shah

A lady having a special aptitude, requisite ability, innovative skill, dedication, sense of planning, remarkable thinking & flair in achieving the goal

aimed for life could be only- FARHA

Actor, Bollywood

Mr. Prakshit Sahni

Passion, Patience, Prominence- FIF Production has it all. Wish your team a great luck!

IAS(R) CCIC of India 


Hands down the most innovative group I have seen in years. For many years I have been in this business and have yet to see anybody come close to the services FIF Production delivers.

Client, Yahoo India!


Farha & her team have the potential to touch greater heights. Sky is the limit for you guys! Cheers!

Film Dir.Tollywood Films

Vivek S.Nagrajan,

Dynamic personality, quick decision maker, never waste her time if it is not worth,

if committed to the work, she never see the clock,very creative, concerned about the social matters,

so religious but no partiality in society.

DG, Doordarshan,Delhi

Mohd. Shafiq

As far as appreciation goes, I am of the idea that Farha does not need any further appreciation, as the her name is good enough to represent the foothold in the market.

Film Prod. Dir. Doordarshan


Like Opera Winfrey is renowned as the black beauty, Farha will be well-known as the Indian Brown beauty giving extra-ordinary contribution in the field of Media & Entertainment. You have a long way to go.

Film Dir. Dundy Incorporation

Om Dundy

Our project implementation and development was quite smooth. Farha always responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out.


Mr.Brij Bakshi

Please keep up the good work for the development of Indian Media Sector.

M. Beatrix Mugishagwe

Film Dir. Abantu Vision, S. Africa

This is fantastic, Farha. I like the proactive approach. Farha you rock in anything you undertake. My best wishes with you & your team.

Riaz Malik


FIF Productions has provided the right resources to rapidly achieve our goals without sacrificing our focus on quality. We’re now as nimble and responsive.


Founder Hony.Sec.of ICONGO

Farha is very hard working girl, believe in her work, very optimistic never cares for results. A sacrificing girl and observe things deeply, never compromise for promotions, I wish her success for her entire life but I must say she has to understand her limitation towards work and time, I mostly see she forgets her food, sleep for work."Beta, sehat bhi zaruri hai".

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